Sunday, December 30, 2007

Stock Tips for December, 2007

The month of January should see more FII inflows but we expect more stock specific action in year 2008 rather than generic increase in prices. December 2007 has seen some FII outflows which follows the previous years trend. So, January 2008 should see more FII inflows in line with the previous years trends.

One stock that we would like to recommend as an investment idea: ElectroSteel.
Price as of Dec 28th, 2007: Rs. 86.
Dividend payout for the stock for the last 3 years: 125%
Even if the price remains same, return on investment would be 14% given the dividend payouts. (And we have not considered that dividend would be tax free so the actual return would be much higher).
And if the price shoots above 86 which we definately think so, it is a winner.
Target Price can be 96 if one is interested in making quick buck.


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