Saturday, January 19, 2008

Free Stock Tips for January, 2008

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Stock Market is witnessing a huge fall - from about to touching 21 K to 19 K at present is not a good story.

Reliance Power IPO has been a great success with 73 times oversubscription. Now, what has happened is that lot of money has gone out from secondary market to primary market especially for Reliance Power IPO. That could be one of the reasons why market has fallen so sharply. Our view is that once the Reliance Power shares are listed and investors cash in their listing gains, the cash will again be available for secondary market. So, our recommendation is that one should invest in some good stocks as the investors can get good returns in a short term period because of this. So, what will be the winning tips?

1. RIL (Reliance Industries Limited)
There is no way Mukesh Ambani will allow younger brother Anil Ambani to overtake him. So, once the Reliance Power IPO is listed, we will see investors going long on RIL - especially with such good results of this quarter.
Recommended Price: 2150
Target Price: 3000+

2. DLF
The stock has taken a lot of beating over the last few sessions and has dropped more than Rs. 200 off highs. Indian Real Estate market is on a high and will remain so in 2008 also.
Recommended Price: 750
Target Price: 1200

Good Stock to hold with a long term view
Recommended Price: 170
Target Price: 270

4. Electrosteel
As I mentioned in the previous blog, this is a great dividend paying stock, so one should definately have this in your portfolio. If you see the intra day range, it is from 82-90 - it gives a great opportunity to the day trader to cash in good profits.
Recommended Price: 75
Target Price: 95

As always invest with a medium term to long term view, but do cash in your profits as soon as target price is hit.
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