Monday, February 4, 2008

Free Stock Tips for February, 2008

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So, what are some of the good stock tips for february, especially for small investors?

As we mentioned in the blog on stock tips for january, liquidity will improve once investors get their money back from Reliance Power IPO.

The below mentioned stocks have corrected a lot from their highs. They also have good fundamentals so you should accumulate these stocks whenever the stock market goes down. You can still accumulate these stocks at reasonable levels but do not forget to sell it when it reaches the target price. We would recommend investors to be invested in these stocks to make most of it when the stock market moves up. Now, when stock markets would move up is debatable. The market sentiment is bearish for now, but all it takes to overturn that is one positive trigger. That can be the budget or it can be anything. If you believe India growth story don't look at short term. Keep your horizon to be long term and find value picks which are fundamentally strong.

In Large Caps, you could look at
  • Reliance Industries
  • Bharti Airtel
  • BPCL
  • NTPC

In Mid Caps, you could look at

  • Praj Industries
  • Ispat
  • Apollo Tyres

We would not advice investors to venture into small caps for now. When large caps have moved significantly, mid caps are the ones to follow suit after some consolidation. There is too much risk involved in small caps for now.

We would advice the investors to invest some funds in large cap (75%) and rest in mid caps in the above mentioned stocks. But remember to sell them when you make profits. Take out regular profits and invest in cheaper stocks. Otherwise, huge fall in markets just like we saw in January can sweep away your hard earned money.

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