Thursday, April 17, 2008

Free Stock Tips for April, 2008

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Lot of stock specific action is taking place this month. Investors are returning back to markets but are very cautious. Stocks like RIL, Praj Industries etc which we recommended last month have gained considerably. Hope investors would have made use of the advice. For the month of April, 2008, we would recommend the following stocks:

- RIL: Even though it has gained Rs.400 over last month, we would still recommend this stock. Investors can accumulate this stock as the P/E is still favorable.
- ICICI Bank: Enter only at below 800 level and sell at 900 as interest rate scenario is not favorable in the short term. Long term investors can still hold above 900.
- Infosys: Enter only at 1400 level and sell at 1550 as Rupee will continue to appreciate and will put pressure on company's margin. Long term investors can still hold above 1550.
- Bharti Airtel: Enter only at 800 level and hold the stock for long term. Will give good returns in the long run.
- Rural Electrification: Enter below 110 level and keep accumulating at every dip. Hold the stock for long term for great returns.

The P/E is looking favorable for indian companies. We would recommend investors to invest in every dip and have a long term horizon for great returns. Markets can be choppy in the short term owing to US recession news, inflation etc. But mutual funds would definately reallocate lot of the funds from mid caps to large caps, especially ones that we have highlighted above.
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