Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Free Stock Tips - July, 2008

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For a couple of months, we did not post any stock tips. Now that the markets have fallen considerably, we feel this is a time again to buy. There has been carnage for the last one month and top stocks have fallen drastically. Some of the top stocks are at 52 week lows. Others have fallen 50% from their highs.

For the month of July, 2008, we would recommend the following stocks:
- DLF: The stock has taken a big beating. It is still the best stock in real estate. Enter at 355 and accumulate at every dip.
- RIL: The stock is trading around Rs. 2000. We maintain a buy on this stock. Investors can accumulate this stock as the P/E is very favorable.
- Rural Electrification (REC): Enter at 74 level and keep accumulating at every dip. Hold the stock for long term for great returns.
- L&T: Enter at 2100 level and keep for long term.
- State Bank of India

Markets can be choppy in the short term owing to Inflation, Oil Price etc. So, one has to be ready to make changes in the portfolio and strategy quickly. Bookmark this site for all the updates on stock tips, recommendations etc.
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