Sunday, August 17, 2008

Free Stock Tips - August, 2008

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We made significant gains in DLF and L&T last month. We also posted the investment opportunity in the blog last month at the time of investment. We invested in DLF at ~Rs 350 and sold at ~Rs 520. Similarly, we invested in L&T at ~Rs. 2300 and sold at ~Rs. 2900.

DLF is trading at ~Rs. 500 now and L&T at ~Rs. 2650.

We recommend investors to stick with large caps for now. Following are the free stock tips:
- Reliance: Enter at ~Rs. 2200.
- DLF: Enter at ~ Rs 450 level and keep investing with every dip
- ICICI Bank: Enter at ~Rs 650 level.
- Infosys: Enter at ~Rs 1650 level.
- Those with long term view should invest in GMR Infrastructure and Adlabs Films.

There is a good probability that these stocks will go higher in the short to mid term. Sell these stocks as soon as you get 25% return.
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