Thursday, October 2, 2008

Free Stock Tips - October, 2008

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Stock markets all across the world have fallen drastically over the last month or so owing to bad global cues - one after another finanical institution has gone bankrupt or acquired/rescued by another bank. We do not think it should impact indian stock markets so much like the indexes have fallen drastically. The growth rates are still decent, inflation will reduce owing to crude prices coming down. Basically, the US companies were in trouble owing to credit crisis. They had overvalued and not accounted for risk. In India, most of the properties have some cash component associated with it. Even if the value of the property falls down, the value will still be more than what mortgage the individual took from the bank. In some ways, India is protected because of a bad practice.

Some of the stocks we would recommend for October,2008
DLF: Has come down drastically. This is unrealistic price for the company - as unrealistic as the high it had seen. We would recommend investors to accumulate the stock at 340 level.
L&T: Great company. Infrastructure will be of a priority still. Would recommend investors to accumulate the stock at every dip
Suzlon: Focusing on renewable energy - right thing to do with crude prices at such level. Buy the stock at 145-150 level.
Reliance: Great stock and our all time favorite. We always try to buy some at every dip. Whenever index will go up, Reliance being a contributor to the index will go up too.

There have been rumors around ICICI bank in trouble. If the stock goes below 450, invest in it.
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