Friday, October 17, 2008

State of IPOs for 2008

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IPOs launched during this year are in a very bad state. The performance of the last 5 IPOs are as follows:

EquityIssue Price Current Price%Gain/LossChemcel Biotech 16.00 4.30 -73.13
20 Microns 55.00 27.75 -49.55
Austral Coke 196.00 131.00 -33.16
Resurgere Mines 270.00 82.45 -69.46
Nu Tek India 192.00 48.90 -74.53

Come to think of it, even big IPOs like DLF which were launched last year are in trouble and are trading around half of its issue price. Good to stay away from IPOs till the situation improves!

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