Monday, December 29, 2008

Stock Market in 2009?

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This is a big question in everyone's mind. Where are the stock markets headed and how will stocks perform in 2009? Investors flocked to fixed income sources in 2008 after taking out money from stock market. Would the investors return to stock markets in 2009? What are some of the stock picks for 2009 if one decided to invest in stock market.

Have the stock markets reached the bottom? We don't think so. Stock Markets are yet to reach that point. However, we feel positive overall for 2009 for stock markets. Stock Markets have fallen more than half in 2008. 2009 will be the year of recovery. Wait for the right time to invest - don't jump to invest yet. And choose the stocks carefully. So, that even if there is a downside, it is very limited. We do not think the stock markets will reach their highest in 2009. It would touch the bottom and start recovering. So, if the investor invests at the correct price in the right stocks, there can be huge upside. We feel the interest rates will be cut in 2009, so if you have already invested in FDs and other fixed income sources, great!! Inflation will reduce and interest rates will be cut to spruce up the consumer demand.

Some Stock Picks for 2009:

- Reliance: Evergreen stock (must have for 2009)

- L&T: Govt will continue spending on infrastructure to revive economy. One of the foremost company to reap the benefit

- ABAN Offshore

- Unitech


- ICICI Bank

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