Saturday, March 7, 2009

Taurus Ethical Fund (G)

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Taurus Ethical Fund is an Open Ended Equity Oriented Scheme. The objective of scheme seeks growth of capital in accordance with Islamic principles. The investment objective of the Scheme is to provide investors long-term capital appreciation and growth through investments in Equity and Equity related instruments which are Shariah compliant. The investment strategy will aim to diversify the portfolio by investing in various companies across sectors and themes to maximize returns and control risk.

Issue Open: 19-Feb-2009
Issue Close: 20-Mar-2009
Mutual Fund Family: Credit Capital Asset Management Company Ltd.
Fund Class: Equity Diversified
Fund Type: Open-Ended
Investment plan: Growth
Fund Manager: Mohit Mirchandani
Entry Load: 2.25%
Exit Load: 1.00%
Minimum Investment: Rs. 5000
Other Info: Entry Load - 2.25%. Exit load of 1% if redeemed upto 6 months and 0.5% if redeemed after 6 months and up to one year from the date of allotment.
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  1. True, the initiative taken by Taurus AMC is laudable, though one should take note that actually Benchmark AMC was the first AMC to launch this kind of fund.
    However, one should NEVER make any investment based on Heart or Emotion. I always advise my clients based on the Returns that CAN be earned by the Fund not on the initiative taken by the AMC or the Fancy names the AMCs come up with.
    It is not without reason that SEBI took a really looooong time to give Green Signal to the AMC to launch the fund, that too only after the AMC promised that they will NOT go by the Theme of the Fund!!!
    Because of the fund`s basic tenet of filtering and avoiding companies not conforming to the principles of Shariah investing, the universe of stocks that the Fund can invest becomes limited and thus the Fund would struggle with its performance.
    New Funds are a strict no-no for me. And coming from a Fund House with a pathetic trackrecord, it is better to avoid the New fund Offer. The fact that Fund`s stock universe is limited may also restrict its potential to deliver high returns. Better to stick to an existing Diversified Fund.
    This is especially true due to the AMC`s poor poor track record.
    I repeat, there are many more BETTER Funds where your Hard Earned money can be invested.
    Best of luck,
    Srikanth Shankar Matrubai