Saturday, April 4, 2009

Latest Bank FD Interest Rates - As of 3rd April, 2009

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Interest rates have further come down. They are expected to go down further in the coming months. Strangely, only IndusInd is still offering 9.5% interest rate. After some time, fixed deposits will not remain attractive anymore. For Senior Citizens, there is additional 0.25% to 1% more depending on the bank. Comparison of Latest Resident/NRO Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates - As of 3rd April, 2009:

6 months1 year2 year3 year4 year5 year
HSBC 5.50%8.00%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%
ICICI 7.25%8.50%8.25%8.25%8.25%8.25%
HDFC 7.25%8.10%8.00%8.00%8.00%8.00%
Axis 7.25%8.15%8.00%8.00%8.00%8.00%
IDBI 8.00%8.50%8.50%9.25%8.25%8.25%
Barclays 5.75%6.25%6.50%6.50%6.50%6.50%
PNB 6.00%7.00%7.25%8.00%8.00%8.00%
Bank of India 7.25%8.00%8.25%8.25%8.25%8.25%
Oriental 7.75%8.25%8.50%8.50%8.50%8.50%
Canara 7.00%8.25%8.25%8.25%8.25%8.25%
SBI 7.25%8.10%8.25%8.50%8.50%8.50%
Dena 7.25%8.25%8.50%8.50%8.50%8.50%
IndusInd 7.25%9.50%8.00%9.50%8.25%8.25%
Yes 7.50%9.00%8.50%8.50%8.25%8.25%
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