Saturday, June 12, 2010

Top 10 Mutual Funds

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Following is a list of top 10 mutual funds for 2010 based on their past and current performance (in no particular order):
Mutual FundComments
Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity A Gr
Done well in falling as well as rising markets. Takes selective exposures to mid-cap scrips
DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity Gr
The year gone by was tough due to wrong cash calls and its large-cap mandate. Recovered in second half of 2009.
UTI Opportunities Gr
Follows a top-down strategy and focusses on 4-5 sectors at a time. Showed good fund management in 2009.
UTI Dividend Yield Gr
Was a bit late in deploying cash in 2009 but recovered. Picks companies with sustainable cash flows.
Tata Equity P/E Gr
Since the fund invests in scrips whose P-E multiple is less than that of Sensex, it diversifies in mid-cap scrips.
DSP BlackRock Equity Div5
Splits its portfolio between large- and mid-cap scrips. An alternative for actively-managed pure mid-cap funds.
Good pedigreed fund that has delivered consistent returns over a long term. Invests up to 25% in equities.
Reliance MIP Gr
Low expense ratio. Takes measured exposure to government securities. Prefers restricted exposure.
Birla Sun Life MIP Savings 5 Gr
Suffered in early 2009 on acccount of a exposure to government securities. Changed focus to suit retail investors.
Templeton India S/T Income Gr
One of the largest short-term funds and consistently limits its average maturity.
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  1. really nice!! good list provice by the author of this blog of the mutual funds companies.
    investing money in mutual funds provide you the real benefits. so its very nice thing that we have to invest our money at trusted place.